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Welcome to my online store!

In 2014, as an independent artist, I released my fifth album, One Day Like This, which reached the top 20 in the Official Music Charts and held the number 1 spot in the Official Classical Charts for ten weeks! I'm incredibly proud of that achievement and will always be eternally grateful to you, my fans, for the enduring support which allowed me to turn a dream into reality.

The music industry is changing and crowdfunding has now become an increasingly acceptable route by which independent artists can record their music with a degree of creative control that might otherwise not have been possible. Music is my passion and, I'm sure you'll agree, it has the unique ability to reach out and touch everyone, bringing pleasure and joy in the good times as well as comfort during the difficult ones.

Here in my store you have the opportunity to buy a variety of exclusive experiences and products and the proceeds from these will be used solely to support my work, recording music. To keep you informed, updates and information will be posted periodically on the Blog page.

I really appreciate your support in this. I can't emphasise enough how important this is to me as it will enable me to continue to record and make music, and ensure the release of new recordings. 

Much Love


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